Track and trace system


Allow your contract manufacturing organizations to work seamlessly in offline mode, with zero downtime


Have your eyes on all items throughout the supply chain at all times


Get a powerful single-window platform supporting specific compliance mandates set by different countries

What is Track and Trace system?

Our track and trace system is a turnkey solution aimed at supporting track and trace compliance regulations across geographies. Once adopted, it offers a comprehensive knowledge-rich environment to enable pharmaceutical companies like yours to steer through track and trace compliance mandates with ease, manage recalls better and increase the overall efficiency of your manufacturing processes.


Aimed at offering you complete control, we brings you a highly robust solution that can be easily hosted on the cloud thereby allowing you to track and trace your items right from the production process to point of sale and save heavily. Its round-the-clock business reporting features ensure you are always on top of things and connected to multiple plants, packaging lines, and contract manufacturing organizations at the same time

Interoperable with third party systems

Designed to bring complete automation in your packaging processes in adherence with compliance norms, our track and trace system easily aligns with multiple packaging lines and existing systems. It effortlessly integrates with third party serialization management software thereby allowing for streamlined aggregation of data from various stages in the packaging process, and into the larger supply chain ecosystem

Seamless integration with hardware

Our seamlessly integrates with third party hardware machines of different makes and models. It can be virtually integrated with any printing /  labelling device, data capturing and verification devices, adjustable speed conveyor systems, vision inspection cameras for 2D code, Optical Character Recognition and Verification scanning, printing and apply systems for shipper labels, PLC’s, mechanical and pneumatic and rejection systems and much more

Data integrity

Safekeeping of your data is our utmost priority. We offers you complete electronic access to audit trails and ensures completely secure movement of data from third party platforms. User authentication and login control features ensures that your data is secure

Scalable and flexible

Tailored to suit the unique needs of your production line, our solution is flexible enough to align easily with your existing packaging systems. Its modular structure makes it easily scalable to comply with compliance mandates of different countries without any hassle and in no time.