Machine Monitoring Solutions


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What is a Machine Monitoring System?

A machine monitoring system allows a company to identify key performing indicators of its assets and optimize them to boost overall equipment effectiveness. By using the competencies of Internet of Things, we at Reloto Mechatronics create state of the art remote machine monitoring systems that are pre-configured for different industrial verticals. The systems can be installed for any industrial setup and empower facilities to improve their conventional operations.

Application of Machine Monitoring Solutions

Machine Availability Monitoring

Use machine downtime monitoring systems to detect the time during which your machines were not running. Identify causes that resulted in equipment downtime and make smart decisions to manage their availability. These IoT driven manufacturing monitoring systems further help in determining the cause of machine shutdown and hence enable you to eliminate them and subsequent breakdowns.

Production Monitoring System

Monitor where your product goes on conveyors and assembly lines. The data affiliated with the production cycle can be monitored on dashboards along with the work in progress throughout the value stream. Hence, production quotas can be effectively met and lean-management processes can be used to ensure that the products reach correct stations on time.

CNC Machine Monitoring System

Machines operating on computerized numerical controls (CNC) are programmed via codes to perform machining operations with utmost precision. By using smart manufacturing systems, you can study tool path, tool lifecycle, feed rate, cutting speed, and other variables while optimizing your programs to increase the accuracy of your machining operations and achieve higher throughput.

Condition Monitoring

Machine health monitoring systems can be used to monitor the condition of the equipment and determine its health and performance. Machine performance monitoring can be used to track parameters like temperature, pressure, vibration, and noise; and these variables can be processed to estimate if the equipment is working correctly or not. Hence, predictive maintenance procedures can be used to maintain the condition and quality of the assets.

Resource Monitoring

IoT based smart factory solutions can also be used for proper resource utilization. Consumption of resources like fuel, electricity, lubricant, coolant, etc. can be tracked through the machine monitoring system. Information pertaining to their consumption can be gathered and analyzed to reduce their utilization, maintain proper stocks, and decrease wastage.

Problems Associated with Legacy Monitoring Systems

SCADA and PLC-based equipment monitoring systems collect essential data about the performance and condition of machines and process them locally to further develop useful insights. However, these systems only operate locally and lack the flexibility to support a big industrial setup. With the help of IoT based asset monitoring systems, companies can now manage their day to day operations from far-off locations.